River Plate – Boca Juniors, postponed. police ambush?

Due to incidents, the final “River Plate – Boca Juniors” of the Copa Libertadores was postponed.

The facts:

Unusually, the police of the City of Buenos Aires (in charge of the security of the event) guided the bus that was taking Boca Juniors to enter the Monumental Stadium by the same door where tha fans of River Plate were entering and doing a “previus party”.

A group of fans of River Plate threw bottles to the bus in which they traveled the players of the opposite team, breaking glass and hurting some of the players, among them Carlos Tevez.

The match had to start at 5pm, after the aggressions it was postponed to 6pm, then to 7:15 pm, and finally postponed to the next day at 5pm.

Before the game, in an interview with the TN channel, Mauricio Macri’s government security minister, Patricia Bullrich, on questions about the security of the event said: “If we will provide security to the G20, we will not dominate a River – Boca? ”



The historical ending was historically affected, questions arise:

Why did the police commit such negligence?
Who designed the bus entrance route? Why did he change it in relation to the usual way?
Can Minister Bullrich remain in office? Can the Minister “guarantee” the safety of the G20?
Can Bullrich organize something without repression? Is it safe to have Bullrich in the Ministry of Security?