Presidential endorsement to the “trigger-happy” in Argentina

On December 8, the American tourist Frank Joseph Wolek suffered a violent assault during his trip in Argentina, he received 10 stabbings by the criminals. One of them, Pablo Kukok of 18 years, in his escape attempt was intercepted by the police and ended up dead.

No one can doubt that Kukok was a criminal, the controversy is that in Argentina there is no death penalty, and also that who should determine the fate of the criminal Kukok was not the police officer Chocobar but a judge, after the police stopped him, alive.

Police Chocobar was accused of homicide, and in his defense strategy he argued that he killed the raider “in self-defense”, that is, because his life was in danger. The video of the events denies it, and shows images of an unnecessary murder in the back.

President Mauricio Macri, whose image is going through a difficult time, and who directs much of its management based on what opinion polls (favorable to Chocobar) determine, decided to give public support to the police accused of homicide.

Although the presidential support was given before the video of the murder was made known, Macri exceeded his functions, and if he was not aware of the video, he knew the risks with which he was betting. In addition, he has not yet come out to rectify itself, and according to analysts, even very close to its government, this political move would imply that the president has given a green light to the police forces to pursue and shoot at their discretion.

Chocobar with Macri

The trigger-happy is a big regression, even when in ancient times of humanity the law of retaliation “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” ruled, the raider Kukok would have had a better treatment than he what he had in the Argentina of Macri, where his death has presidential endorsement.