Argenzuela, the democratic dictatorship

The republican system of government (the non-dictatorship) is in danger in Argentina.

If you did not see any image of the recent repression, you may be surprised to read this, but you should know that Macri and his government have the full support of the local and international major media groups… If you can not imagine why, I will give some clues later.

Repression of pensioners who protested against the adjustment of their salaries.

Some might say that the government is having a hard time keeping up appearances, but in reality their attacks on the “rule of law” began from its first day.

*Justice is corrupt and functional to the government

Although they arrived advocating for the independence of justice, they have done nothing but destroy it.

The Argentine Constitution establishes that when a place in the Supreme Court becomes vacant, the president of the nation must propose to the Senate a candidate. It is a very serious issue, we talk about the maximum head of one of the powers of the State.

A few days after taking office, and with two vacancies for the Court, Macri decreed who would occupy those places. He appointed by decree two of the five judges of the Supreme Court.

Hard to believe that justice can be independent after that, but it gets worse: Of the other members, one of them should retire, but stays in the position because the government allows it. And another, the president of the Court, receives threats of destitution constantly by the government.

The general attorney of the nation had to resign from her post due to political pressures and judicial threats she received for months. As in Venezuela.

Volations of the independence of justice by Macri and his government have no dissimulation, and they start from the Supreme Court to the lowest.

If you did not know, Macri is in many Panama papers, but the Argentine justice in an express procedure has already acquitted him.

*Political prisoners

With justice addicted to their favor, they have requested the arrest of opposition politicians without a sentence or evidence against them. They are “Preventive arrests”.

The most striking case is Cristina Kirchner. who has been asked for preventive detention accused of “treason”.

*Lack of freedom of expression

Macri has helped with some decrees and approvals of mergers to the concentration of media in Argentina.

Opposition journalists from television channels have been fired. Teenagers who wrote tweets against the president have been imprisoned.

*Repression of protest has become the rule.

Economically the country goes to the precipice. They need to silence opponents in order to carry out their plans, which include again indebtedness and adjustment of rights.

There is no “heavy inheritance” as they like to say. The documents that they themselves have submitted to international organizations about the state of the country to 2015, contradict them.

Debt, economic problems, lack of independence in justice, repression, media concentration and violence. Now we look like Venezuela.